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Support group

A hospice is still very often associated with death. To break this association, there many activities are happening under the “Hospice is also life” slogan. And yet the hospice is also death… which we believe is part of life.

Is it possible to prepare for the death of a child?

Who made the mistake so that my child died?

Is it my fault? How to live further?

Does time heal all wounds?

Why would God allow innocent people to die?

These are just some of the questions parents face after their child’s death. There’s often no one to talk to about it – even the closest people run away and avoid talking about this topic in a more or less refined way.

That’s why we organize support group meetings. We invite parents who have experienced the death of their child. Once a month, we attend a Holy Mass, followed by a two-hour meeting moderated by our hospice psychologists. You can only participate in the second part of the meeting – the mass is optional. In a group of people who have had similar experiences, it is easier to talk about death, pain, misunderstanding, hopes, fears and mourning.

The meetings are open to both parents whose children were cared for by our Hospice, as well as all others who lost their children.

Please contact us if you would like to participate in such meetings.

Detailed information and signup is provided by:


You can help terminally ill children who inevitably approach their passing. We want the children to be surrounded by family and our professional care. We are genuinely with them.

Will you join us?