Hospice for Children of Lower Silesia
“Formuła Dobra”
KRS: 0000 582875

We help children with life-threatening conditions.
We support families.

Every day, we visit young patients at their homes. At the “Formuła Dobra” Hospice for Children of Lower Silesia, we believe our patients deserve to stay in a place that each of us connects with peace, security and harmony – at home.

Our medical and therapeutic experience and our daily work make up a comprehensive program to help terminally ill children who inevitably approach their passing. We want the children to be surrounded by family and our professional care. We are genuinely with them. Will you join us?


terminally ill young patients in Lower Silesia, Poland, can count on our professional medical care

A symbolic map of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship with the cities with branches marked

Key Branches: Wrocław, Jelenia Góra, Wałbrzych, Zgorzelec, Kłodzko

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Nurses of the Hospice for Children of Lower Silesia



Psychologists of the Hospice for Children of Lower Silesia



Physiotherapists of the Hospice for Children of Lower Silesia



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Our Leader
Krzysztof Szmyd, MD

Won the 2013 Forbes Professionals – Public Trust competition

Honorable Mention in the Extraordinary Lower Silesians 2016 Competition – Akcja Akacja, Akcja Dąb

2017 Mayor of Wrocław Award

Medical Hospice Association for Children

2017 Lower Silesian Leader of Kindness 

VICTORIA for humanitarian activities to save human life and health

Volunteer-friendly organization

It is easy to help

You can help quickly and comfortably. Donate by BLIK or via a quick wire transfer from your bank. PayU, a well-known online payment platform, handles payments on our website.

We are grateful for your support!

Meet our children

Grzesiu & Wojtek

Grzesiu & Wojtek

Grześ and Wojtek are both 11 years old. They are twins who have fun together and… who cry together too.



Ula is 18 years old, she has brown eyes and shiny brown hair. She is seemingly an ordinary teenager who likes to look nice or make faces.



Hania is 12 years old, she has big blue eyes and shiny blonde hair. She is a music expert who looks for perfect sounds like the greatest music critic.

Perinatal Hospice

Here we support families who have found out about their child’s terminal illness during pregnancy. We provide psychological and spiritual help, as well as doctor’s consultations with our specialist in palliative medicine.

We work with gynecologists, obstetricians and neonatology experts from the University Clinical Hospital in Wrocław, as well as with geneticists from the Wrocław Genetic Clinic and the Evangelium Vitae foundation.

Join us

If you’re looking for people who care about others, if you’re ready to share your free time with those in need, if you believe that ‘good builds good’ and ‘smile makes smile’, join us! Build your own good formula with us!

Anna Naruszewicz

Anna Naruszewicz


I like dancing, drawing, reading, cycling, and developing my creativity.

I am 41 years old and I graduated in philosophy from the University of Wrocław. I became a volunteer by following my heart and I stayed. For me, volunteering is about giving and receiving: I give myself, my time and commitment, and I receive the good.

My kind word: “When we help others, we help ourselves because all the good we give comes full circle and returns to us.”

Filip Płokita

Filip Płokita


I like cycling, mountains and board games.

Born in 1990. I work and live in Wrocław. I am a “migrant” from Radom in central Poland. I love meeting my friends, especially over board games. I enjoy cycling and mountain hiking. I became a volunteer because I want to help children who are vulnerable and who depend on us, adults. The greatest reward is the smile of children and their families, and the trust they show.

My kind word: “A human is great not by what they possess but by what they are; not by what they have but by what they share”. John Paul II

Barbara Szmaj

Barbara Szmaj


I like to spend my free time solving puzzles with my son.

I am 51 years old. I live in Wroclaw. I graduated from the Papal Theological Faculty in Wrocław and from postgraduate studies in speech therapy and oligophrenic pedagogy. I work in a primary school. I volunteer because helping others gives me great joy. I also want to teach this to my son Jaś who is the youngest volunteer in the team. He inspires the team with his joy and energy.

My kind word: “One should be as good as bread on the table for everyone, from which each of us can cut a bite for themselves and feed themselves if they are hungry.”


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What makes people and companies come together to help those who need it most?

How have those passionate medical and therapy professionals found a place as special as a children’s hospice?


Why is, for many, a little child’s smile the best reward for accompanying a family of a terminally ill child each day?

Our pupils deserve to be discussed conscientiously, responsibly and reliably. Do we deserve your attention? Read, write, comment, and join Formuła Dobra.

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