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Perinatal hospice

What is a perinatal hospice?

A perinatal hospice is not a place. It is much more the way of thinking of many specialists who prioritize the welfare of parents and their child at each stage of pregnancy, childbirth and after birth – no matter the condition of the little human we are awaiting.

Nobody is planning a sick child. Each abnormality or even suspicion of those during pregnancy causes fear and uncertainty.

The perinatal hospice team is at the disposal of parents who need support and help, regardless of the week of pregnancy or how serious the diagnosis is, or how difficult the obstetrician’s suspicions are. We respect every decision of parents and we stand by their side if they want us to.

How does a perinatal hospice work?

The hospice is made of specialists in medicine, psychology and theology. Each of them, within their specialty, tries to get familiar the needs of the mother, the child and the family expecting a new member. We research, refine the diagnosis as much as possible, choose the place of delivery, prepare the parents and the delivery ward team, help rearrange the world and manage emotions, and we talk to specialists. We do all of this to build the most optimal care plan that meets the needs of both the newborn and his loved ones.

Our help is free and co-financed by the National Health Fund (NFZ).

Even if a time comes when you can’t cure someone, you can always take care of them…

Contact us

Emergency number:

Agnieszka Pasławska
Perinatal Hospice Psychologist

+48 606 406 302


Perinatal Hospice Referral (for manual filling, document in Polish) [PDF, 101kB]

Perinatal Hospice Referral (for computer, document in Polish) [docx, 19kB]

Example completed referral form (document in Polish) [PDF, 102kB]

Please also attach a signed data protection statement with the following content:

„Zgodnie z art. 7 RODO (ogólnego rozporządzenia o ochronie danych osobowych z dnia 27 kwietnia 2016 r.) wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie danych osobowych moich i pozostającego pod moją opieką pacjenta, w tym w szczególności danych dotyczących stanu zdrowia pacjenta, przez Stowarzyszenie Hospicjum dla Dzieci Dolnego Śląska „Formuła Dobra” z/s we Wrocławiu do celów objęcia pacjenta opieką Hospicjum”

and get familiar with the information on personal data processing in the Hospice: Privacy Policy

You can also bring the set of documents in person to the Hospice office or send them by post.

Bank details

Perinatal Hospice bank account:

19 1600 1462 1027 7108 2000 0012

Online booking

We invite you to use the online booking system to arrange a free visit to a specialist in our perinatal hospice.