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How can you help?

The Good Flag reigns on this website. Why? Because Formuła Dobra (The Formula of the Good) is also about helping you. The key message of any help should be ‘good’. Good music, a good deed, a good penny, good information, or some other good act. Everyone can help in their own way. We are happy to offer help or advice. Would our inspiration below help you?

Charity events in schools, sports clubs or companies

If you would like to organize a festival, fair, a concert, a drawing competition or a material or financial fundraiser for our little patients, you can do it in a few simple steps:

  • Decide
  • Contact us and share your idea
  • Download the “Good Formula” symbols (the Good Flag, balloons with a good word, the Book of the Good)
  • Organize your Formula (an hour, a day, a week or a month of helping)
  • Donate the raised funds and items to the headquarters of the Hospice 
  • Receive the Certificate of the Good and share your photos

Fundraising during your celebrations

If you want to see how the Formula for the Good turns into real good in your life, ask your friends and family to donate to our children instead of buying you a gift or a flower for your personal celebration.

How to do it?

  • Let us know about it
  • Pick up a special letter to your guests

  • Raise funds or items – we provide cans

  • Bring the raised funds and items to the headquarters of the Hospice or transfer them to a special bank account

  • Receive the Certificate of the Good

Promotional activities

Did you know that the easiest way to promote “Formula for the Good” is to share information? This helps families, volunteers, employees, associates and donors reach us.


  • Share our website
  • Like our Facebook profile and be active there

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel

  • Tell your friends about us

  • If you want to learn more about volunteering, palliative care or our activities, please contact us!

Material support

We look after 100+ little patients and their families. To carry out our tasks, we need medical equipment, hygiene products, as well as an efficient office. Is this a good aid formula for you?

As long as you can provide us with them, we need:

  • Devices (computers, laptops, mobile phones)

  • Office supplies (printing paper, document sleeves, binders, pens, printer toners)

  • To provide care to our terminally ill patients, we need medical equipment such as: oxygen concentrator, suction pump, infusion pump, anti-bedsore mattress, rehabilitation bed, respiratory monitor, wheelchair, walker, verticalizer, small medical equipment: syringes, gastrostomy, tracheostomy, filters, patches, catheters, medical waste containers, cars for medical staff to carry out home visits, hygienic materials for basic care – moisturizing wipes, diapers and diaper pants (sizes: 3, 4, 5, S, M), cotton balls, lignins, liners.

  • If you decide to support us materially, please contact us. Your Certificate of the Good is waiting!

Financial assistance

Each cent donated by the Donors to our little patients and their families is 100% dedicated to their needs. We also ask for 1,5% of your tax. See how much money we need to help:

  • PLN 20: 10 medical waste containers or 15 syringes
  • PLN 50: 1 hour of patient rehabilitation (an average patient needs 8 hours per month) or a box of sterile gloves or 5 kg of lignin
  • PLN 100: 1 hour of patient rehabilitation (an average patient needs 8 hours per month) or 1 tracheostomy tube or 1 suction pump container or 1 rehabilitation wedge
  • PLN 200: 1 respiratory monitor or 1-2 gastrostomy tubes or laboratory tests for our patients for half a month
  • PLN 2,000: 2 neonatal pulse oximeters or 1 oxygen concentrator or nearly 2 electric suction pumps (one costs ~PLN 1,200)
  • PLN 3,000: 1 infusion pump or medications for children (the cost of about two weeks of treatment).

Support us while you shop online

Do you know that you can support us by shopping online?

  • Install the Fani Mani app.
  • Enter the store website. Over 1,000 online stores are participating in this initiative.

  • Select “Activate Donation” and then select Formuła Dobra.

  • After activating the donation, shop and pay as usual.

  • An average of 2.5% of your purchase amount goes to the Formuła Dobra account.

There are many ways to help, perhaps this will be your formula of the good!

An expedition for 1,5% of the Good

Do you know that when you donate just 1,5% of your tax, you build a specific good for our pupils? You become the Hero of the story and you join us for an extraordinary adventure. We spend each PLN obtained from 1,5% on helping the families of our pupils. We need everything: medicines, hygiene products, toys, heating fuel, medical equipment, additional rehabilitation. How to do it?

  • Like & share events related to the Convoy of Good.
  • Like our Facebook profile and be active there.

  • Share the information about the Convoy of Good with your friends, relatives and family.

  • You can complete your tax declarations and download free tax software on the One Percent Good (Jeden Procent Dobra) website.

  • Donate 1,5% of your tax to the hospice – Polish legal name: Stowarzyszenie Medyczne Hospicjum dla Dzieci Dolnego Śląska „Formuła Dobra” KRS: 0000582875

Stowarzyszenie Medyczne Hospicjum dla Dzieci Dolnego Śląska „Formuła Dobra”
ul. Benedyktyńska 12, 50-350 Wrocław
NIP 8943068116, KRS 0000582875
Bank account number: 64 2030 0045 1110 0000 0417 6840

If you have another idea how to help our pupils, feel free to contact us and tell us about it. We are open to your Formulas of Good!


You can help terminally ill children who inevitably approach their passing. We want the children to be surrounded by family and our professional care. We are genuinely with them.

Will you join us?